Think Academy

Need a Tutor? We Can Help.

Think Academy Creates Programs that..

…becomes the bridge to connect school and life goals.

What Students Learn in School..

...is often very different from what they'll do after. Who wouldn't get overwhelmed if they have to prepare for a math test AND figure out their career?

We Work Together to..

...Build an approrpriate program with clear, manageable targets. ​ ...Develop the necessary tools and attitudes to manage their future.

What Makes Us Different?

Students will develop character, an active mind and inspiration to achieve personal excellence and succeed.


Think Academy has a unique way of building programs mixing different teaching philosophies and years of experience to help students to reach their personal best.


With more than 7 years of experience, our teacher is certified to teach students ages 2-18. Fluent in English and Mandarin, communication has never been easier.

Quality Service & Whole Child Focus
Respect, Honesty & Reliability
Open Communication
Innovation & Self Development
Unbiased, Safe Learning Place
Accountability of Academic Policies

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Let’s Connect and Move Forward with Your Child’s Goals