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Starting Think Academy has been a long process of gaining experiences and planning as intricately as possible in order to meet the different needs of each individual. Testing out different teaching strategies, gaining administrative knowledge and working with various materials enabled me to decide which will be most beneficial for students. What I felt is needed for a successful education is understanding what teaching philosophies and values are most important for individuals to learn for steps towards a life filled with positive meaning, value and experiences.

Think Academy came from a single inspiration of turning passion for helping young, impressionable minds to become strong individuals with an active, conscientious mind and a kind heart. Skills without heart often leads to choices that do not have lasting benefits. Skills can be learned easily, even by computers, but heart has to be nurtured with care and lots of time.

Continual expansion of Think Academy requires innovation and human exploration of meaning and motivation. What I wish for the Academy includes not only academic success and confidence, but also continual inspiration for seeking ways to change human weaknesses into strengths and to expand those strengths into benefiting society as a whole. I truly believe that through empathy, environmental stewardship and critical thinking, individuals will become empowered in taking charge of making their dreams come true in the most logical and responsible way possible.

Think Academy will hold firm, unwavering values of innovation, equity, accountability, self-development and open communication. With continual focus on providing quality service, customer needs and meaningful work, Inspire Academy will always strive towards an education for the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual growth of an individual.

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