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The Values that Think Academy will incorporate and encourage in students:

  • Empathy: respect and understand others’ opinions
  • Curiosity: motivation so seek and understand, to strive continuously
  • Respect: showing good manners always goes a long way in society!
  • Integrity: actions that shows great intentions and an even greater mind
  • Personal Development: working towards self-efficacy and, empowerment and worth.

The Reasoning:


It is one of the main focus that Think Academy wishes to instill in students’ mind because of the endless benefits. Empathy, the power to understand, value and respect others’ feelings and views, is the trait that leads to developing integrity and respect. Being empathetic and demonstrating empathy are ways to the domino effect of ‘pay-it-forward’ kindness, forming great reputation and relationships in society. When a child grows up and goes into society where reality is sometimes cruel, unyielding and materialistic, empathy is one of the ways to alleviate internal misgivings and negativity and re-establishing continual motivation for personal success. Empathy is one of the main trait that will change one’s life for the better. How Think Academy will encourage empathy is through consistent self-reflection: are my actions and consequences helpful, kind and true?

Curiosity + Meaningful Work

Curiosity is the first step to lifelong learners and meaningful work is a form of self-evaluation of one’s goals. Curiosity is to strive to understand and meaningful work is to find ways to understand. How Think Academy will encourage curiosity and meaningful work is through setting measurable, clear and achievable goals and evaluating its process and result.

Respect + Integrity

Respect and Integrity, the traits that logically follows after empathy. The difference between manners and respect is that manners are merely rules created by society for relative cooperation and respect comes from an innate caring feeling towards others. True respect then, leads to integrity, a sense of right and wrong, untainted by personal gain. Thus, with proper development of empathy, respect and integrity follows; having these values and traits help students use the right tools, at the right time, in the right way. How the Academy will promote this is through logical questioning: what is respect and integrity? how is it helpful to me? why is it important?

Personal Development

The traits and values listed above are what Think Academy believes every individual should develop. Other traits and values then, are based on individual’s desire and sense of responsibility to improve one’s way of thinking and doing. Think Academy can provide the tools for Personal Development: questioning, reasoning, planning and reviewing. Everyone have their strengths and weaknesses and we all succumb to our weaknesses when stressful situations arise. How we improve from that is through simple reflection: why did I react like this? what can I do next time this happens? Personal development is the key to changing society one step at a time.

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