Mindset Change

Restart & Keep Your Motivation

Motivation is the drive that pushes us to be better, but many struggle to find and hold onto it. In school, teachers are the awesome planners get students excited, curious and eager to learn new skills and knowledge. But once the students are outside of school, are they able to self-motivate? Find out how to help your students, your children and YOU to find that motivation again and keep it for good by asking yourself  just 4 questions.

Mindset Change

Morning Routine for a Successful You

When helping children grow in body and mind, routine and balance are crucial. Routine brings a sense of security in a world of endless changes. So, if routine and balance helps as children, shouldn’t this be a lifelong habit? Also, starting our morning right can affect our mindset and reaction for the rest of the day. So, find out THE morning routine that WILL propel you into a happier, healthier, more successful you!

Mindset Change

End the Day for a Successful Tomorrow

Even if you have a great morning routine, but as the day goes on, one stressful thing after another pile up until you forget all about the strategies for gratefulness and mindfulness and you end up with draining and unhelpful emotions and reactions? Don’t worry, here are some small, easy things to add to your day so that you are ready for whatever challenge life throws.

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