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Life is a combination of changes, decisions, tasks and non-stop emotions. Without certain support, reminders and good habits for self-care, you can become burnt-out, unmotivated and lost. But, with some self-reflection and adjustment, you can find reignite that passion and energy to look at the world with potential and positivity! You can read about my journey through depression, anxiety and stress towards balance and peace here and my daily routine that keeps up with my forever active mind here.

Here are some apps that will help you build a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. With more balance in your life, nothing will be able to stop you from your success!

*These are not sponsored and I do not get any money from talking about these apps.

Insight Timer

Insight is an app that offers free and premium options. It has audio and music for guided meditation and mindfulness. It also has ones for helping you slow down and calm your body for sleep. I have only used the free version as it already has lots of great audio and music to help me restore a sense of balance and peace and calm my anxiety!


This is already in iOS products where you can set up your bedtime and it tracks your sleep. You get a reminder before your bedtime and during your, it turns your phone to “DND.” I am sure there are many similar apps that can do this and more. This is to remind you to stop your browsing and get your body to ready to rest. When I get the notification, I use the insight app to listen to the audio/music to slow and calm my mind and body!

Yoga for Beginners

This is a great app for quick yoga sessions, and like the name says, for beginners! You can set your rest time (I use the rest time to lengthen each pose). There are, of course, tons of free and premium yoga apps you can choose from. Yoga is a great way to start your day with mindfulness and serenity and to rejuvenate or relax.

Creativity by Lumosity

We spend most of our day thinking, analyzing and reasoning that we forget about another part of ourselves- our creativity! By being in tune with our creativity, it can help us with some out-of-the-box thinking for our daily problems or even for our careers! This app has quick activities like drawing, writing poetry, and making music to get our imagination running. You can make your creations private or public, and you can see others’ work too for inspiration! This can give our left-side brain a rest and work our right side –> balance is key!


This is one of my favourite apps. It is filled with inspirational and mindful quotes. I use this app first thing when I wake up for a positive start and you can set a reminder in the app to a time that you usually feel drained physically, emotionally or spiritually to keep your mind frame more positive and calm. There’s a subscription option too for more setting more reminders or changing the music. Mindfulness helps us be more self-aware and deal with situations in healthier ways.

But, as you know, life isn’t all sunshine and relaxation! Your body and your mind need to be stimulated too to keep them healthy and strong. Read about the top apps to stimulate your mind here. Good luck and I sincerely wish you all the love, happiness and peace in the world. I also wish you kindness, sincerity and empathy. Please leave a comment on which apps help you detox your life!

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