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What is Education? The first thought that comes to mind is gaining knowledge and proficiency in English, Math, Science and Fine Arts. For as long as schools are around, how do we assess that knowledge? Through testing, assignments and projects. However, many philosophers, educators and related experts in the field have since expanded the meaning of education to include the whole child: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.

The reasoning comes from a simple logic that once a child grows up and leaves the environment of having teachers and grown ups telling them what to do, they have to be able to an independent contributor of society. This requires something more than knowing

An independent contributor of society needs to know how to interact with others, make grounded decisions, set personal goals, and reflect on personal progress and contributions. Thus, the following question is, without teaching them how to think, act and reflect, how will they know how to be a strong, motivated individual with a sense of empowerment in knowing what tools are needed and how to use them when needed? As well, with the necessary requirement of working and interacting with others, will the students know what values and personal development does one need to be continuously successful and welcomed?

Hence, the simple understanding that education is preparing an individual to have the right mindset, values and tools to benefit oneself and others, it is vital to teach students from a young age about personal development and creating a set of personal values and self-regulation skills through critical thinking and reasoning.

Value based- education is just as important, if not more important, than academic education based on the simple fact that not everyone grows up needing to know how to write an essay, but everyone grows up needing to know how to work with and treat others. Value based education is the key to long-lasting success in regards to motivation, sense of self-worth, and building lasting relationship and reputation within your community.

This is why at Think Academy, students will learn about the necessary concepts to be successful academically, but also to think and develop personal values and mindset. With proper, consistent education of the whole child, the student will grow up with right tools and mindset to think and make decisions that has lasting benefits to oneself and others.

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